April 2020

Carroll E. Heffron, Jr. “Mic” 9/29/1937 – 4/20/2020

Born in Yakima, WA to Carroll E. Heffron, Sr. MD and Anne Catherine Mooney Heffron. Mic attended St. Paul’s Catholic Grade School and Marquette High School in Yakima. After graduating from Central Washington College, he worked as a case worker for the Washington State Welfare Office in Yakima and later as a Juvenile Detention Probation Officer at the Child Welfare Office. In 1968, he moved the family to Seattle where his career in Healthcare began as the Assistant Administrator of Mount Saint Vincent Senior Care Center.

Editor's Note: Correction

Editor’s note:

SDOT discovered that one particular spot on the West Seattle Bridge has become stuck, which appears to be magnifying the daily stresses on the bridge.  

Specifically, the issue is with the lateral bearings at the top of the Pier 18 support columns. This isn’t the sole cause of cracking on the bridge, but our bridge experts think it is a major part of the problem.

The bridge has four main support piers that hold up the three highest spans of the bridge – the part that goes over the Duwamish River, between Harbor Island and West Seattle. Pier 18 is the support structure on the east side of the high-rise span on Harbor Island.  

In our Page One photo of the bridge in the print edition last week, it showed what SDOT had previously told us was the Pier 18 view.

This information was wrong.


LETTER: A bizarre decision by Seattle Pubic School District

To the editor:

We received word earlier this week that the board had made a decision regarding the grading system for the rest of the year. And that decision was one of the most bizarre I have ever seen, even from a school district that has shown an astounding level of incompetence for years. The district decided the system would be a A/I, or an A/Incomplete. This, frankly, is a slap in the face to those that have been working hard to earn straight A's this year, along with signaling a disturbing gap between reality and fantasy in the minds of Superintendent Juneau and the board.

Giving everyone 4.0's makes GPA's in out district useless going forward. The district has been recently making steps to achieve "equity" in schools, phasing out Honors at the high school level and attempting to bar access to HCC and Spectrum programs for elementary and middle schoolers.

Singing sad songs about a bridge

By Jean Godden

If "The Way to West Seattle" were a song, it would be a long, sad ballad. The route to and from the Duwamish Peninsula into Seattle proper has been problematic from the days of the settlers until today when West Seattle's 86,000 residents are again faced with a traffic nightmare.

The latest episode in the long saga, began March 23 when -- without warning -- the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) shut down the 36-year-old high-level bridge. Access to the lower-level bridge was restricted to freight, buses and emergency vehicles. Threatening cracks had been discovered. News then went from bad to worse when SDOT's Sam Zimbabwe revealed that repairs would take until 2022 and a repaired bridge might only last 10 more years.


Reminder: 35th SW is now 25 mph as part of Seattle's Vision Zero program

You may have noticed if you drive on 35th SW that the speed limit has changed on that busy road. It has gone down, substantially. It is now 25 mph. 

Speed is the critical factor in the frequency and severity of crashes. A few miles per hour difference can make a big impact.

SDOT says:

What are the default speed limits in Seattle?

In 2016, we lowered citywide default speed limits, in support of our Vision Zero efforts to make streets safer for everyone. Here's what changed:


New emergency order to cap third-party commissions on food delivery services announced

Order will cap commission fees at 15 percent; Requires that 100 percent of tips go to drivers

information from the City of Seattle

 Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, Council President M. Lorena González, and Councilmember Lisa Herbold today announced a new Emergency Order to impose a 15 percent commission cap on third-party delivery services. The necessary statewide ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ order has caused restaurants to rely solely on delivery and takeout services for revenue, and many restaurants use third-party delivery services to meet the needs of their customers and keep their staff safe. The 15 percent commission cap will remain in place until restaurants are allowed to offer unrestricted dine-in service in the City of Seattle.


Police make arrests in Ballard hit and run homicide

information from Seattle Police Blotter

On April 23rd, 2020, detectives arrested a 33-year-old female in connection with the March 19th homicide that occurred in the Ballard Fred Meyer parking lot. A 42-year-old male was already in jail on an unrelated robbery. Both suspects have been booked into the King County Jail for investigation of murder, investigation of arson and investigation of auto theft.

They were suspects in the death of a woman who was struck by a car.

This remains an active investigation, and detectives continue to work with the King County Prosecutor’s Office.


Providence Mt. St. Vincent 2nd round of testing shows a stabilized status

One additional resident/patient and two caregivers have tested positive for Coronavirus; Two have died

information from Providence Mt. St. Vincent

Thank you to our West Seattle friends, neighbors and family members of The Mount for continuing to express care and concern for the residents, patients and caregivers at The Mount. We have been humbled by the outpouring of love we have received in the form of handmade masks, deliveries of flowers and goodies as well as messages of support. We hope you know how much this all means.

Thanks to Providence ExpressCare, we did a second round of COVID-19 rapid testing this week where we tested 732 residents/patients and caregivers. Due to the tremendous work of our team, we are doing an excellent job at controlling the spread of COVID-19 by caring not only for our patients and residents, but also in taking care of each other.

The results of our second round of testing show a stabilization of the spread of COVID-19.