January 2020

Steven Thor WIlson

Steven Thor Wilson passed away in his home on December 27, 2019, at the age of 72. Born on February 8, 1947 in Massachusetts, Steve was the son of Robert and Priscilla Wilson, and the youngest of five.

Steve's family settled in Seattle where he graduated Lake Sammamish High School. He grew roots in South Seattle, owning gas stations and ultimately a recreational vehicle business in Burien. At the age of 70, Steve retired and spent his final years enjoying life with his wife, Elvira. 

Seattle Police seeking to add 100 more officers

The Seattle Police Department is  hiring more than 100 officers a year for the next few years and are hiring continuously.

They have academy openings monthly but they pre-hire as soon as the candidate is ready and has been through the background process.

SPD offers a free workshop for candidates who are interested in testing and they do not have to be signed up to attend.

The workshop dates, along with study materials, pay, benefits and upcoming testing dates are posted on the main website at www.seattlepolicejobs.com. http://www.seattle.gov/police/police-jobs/contact-the-recruiters


Alki Chicken & Waffles to merge with "It's BBQ Time" re-opening Feb. 12

Less than five months after opening, Alki Chicken and Waffles at 2738 Alki Ave SW is making a major change. Owner Tom Lin, who once owned the Alki Homestead, had hoped to reliably supply the demand for the iconic Homestead fried chicken in a breakfast setting. But management issues plus the press of other business matters brought him to seek a change. "The menu we offered was primarily a breakfast menu and we were very busy, but after 2pm not many people showed up," said Lin. He needed a way to extend business into the evening and resolve his management issues.


Searching for Seattle's Signature Dish

By Jean Godden

One recent day when facing daunting headlines -- impeachment, assassination and global warming -- I found myself turning to less weighty news: BagelGate. It was the story of how New York Mayor Bill de Blasio managed to cause an uproar on National Bagel Day (January 15th).

The hullabaloo started when de Blasio declared his love for a bagel that hails from Brooklyn's Bagel Hole Bakery. So far so good. But he crossed into dangerous territory when he said that his go-to bagel was whole wheat spread with extra cream cheese and toasted.

A toasted bagel? That culinary detail caused an immediate storm of anger. New Yorkers said that a good bagel should never be toasted. The dispute escalated, calling into questioning Mayor de Blasio's culinary choices. It reminded New Yorkers that their mayor, a failed presidential candidate, had once been caught eating pizza -- oh, the horror! -- with a fork.


Pat's View: Take some time to think about the news; It's not all about what's breaking

By Patrick Robinson

In a time of "instant" news and revelations, it's tempting to want to stay at the "crest of the wave"... that Fear of Missing Out is powerful.

Driven by that ancient part of the brain, that lower level emotional response, that "fight or flight" reflex it's a natural human response.

But I want you to think.

And by that I mean STOP and consider. Use your higher mind, your intellectual capacity to WEIGH and not just CONCLUDE or RESPOND out of reflex.

Most of what we regard as wisdom, good practice, good guidance, and just plain common sense is NOT propelled by instant reactions to news or events.


Seatltle Chinese Garden Lantern Festival will light the night Sat. Feb 8

Please join us for this special celebration at the Seattle Chinese Garden!
Activities will include:
• Traditional Chinese music
• Riddles
• Tai Chi demonstration
• Tongyuan (sweet dumpling) making demonstration
• Tea tasting 2–4 pm
• Kids activities (origami & lantern making)

The traditional Chinese Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Come and visit your local Chinese garden on this special day!

The Seattle Chinese Garden is located at the north end of the South Seattle College Campus, at 6000 16th Ave SW. Dogs on leash are welcome. Admission is free but a $5 donation is welcome.



Herbold: KCHA Section 8 Waitlist application window opens from Feb.12 to 25

Would you or someone you know benefit from the opportunity to gain rental assistance?  Consider applying to join the King County Housing Authority Section 8 waitlist.  Between February 12th and 25th, you can apply to join the Section 8 waitlist lottery at kcha.org/lottery; applying is free.

Find out if you are eligible to apply here and learn more about the program.  

2,500 households will be selected at random to join the voucher waitlist, from among all the households who apply.  The waitlist lottery does not happen regularly; if you or someone you know is eligible, I urge you to learn more at kcha.org/lottery, and apply between February 12th and February 25th.


Herbold: West Seattle ST3 Draft EIS options update

Last week Sound Transit released updated additions for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, scheduled for early 2021. The alternatives section of the project webpage says:

“Recent additions to this map include connection from the Yancy/Andover alternative to an Avalon underground station and connection from the elevated Avalon Station with a shorter tunnel to the Alaska Junction. These updates respond to the Sound Transit Board’s request in recent Board Motions to explore cost savings opportunities as well as ensure the Yancy/Andover alternative connects to previously-identified DEIS alternatives.”


Detectives seize 28 pounds of heroin and other narcotics in FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force

Guns, money, ballistic vests recovered; Four arrested

information from Seattle Police Blotter

The FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force served multiple search warrants last week resulting in the seizure of over 45 pounds of narcotics, 16 guns, and $71,000 cash.

As members of the Task Force, Seattle detectives, with other federal and local partners served four search warrants on January 16th targeting gang members involved in narcotics sales. Items seized during the searches included:

  • 28 pounds of heroin
  • 16 pounds of methamphetamine
  • Several thousand pills
  • 150 grams of cocaine
  • 16 guns (12 handguns and 4 rifles)
  • 2 ballistic vests
  • Over $71,000 in cash

Four people were arrested in connection with these cases during the service of these warrants.

The Task Force will now work with the US Attorney’s Office as the case moves forward.